Recknagel ACI Bubble Level [T0940-0000]

Recknagel ACI Bubble Level [T0940-0000]

Recknagel ACI Bubble Level [T0940-0000]
Recknagel Tactical
Angle Cosine Indicator (ACI) - Bubble Level

Fits to: - UNIVERSAL-interface
Contents Supplied - 1x ACI Bubble Level, Screws and Adjustment Wrench
Code Ref: T0940-0000

The ACI Bubble Level enables the shooter to understand if the gun is completely level. Our ERA-TAC-mount with ACI and bubble level can be easily attached to our UNIVERSAL-interface. It is not necessary to alter the position of the scope. The ACI bubble level has the fixture to position a ACI Elevation Turret in such a way that the red needle is visible even when using a scope with the illumination control on the left side and while already aiming. The position of the Elevation Turret remains always visible because of the lateral bubble level.

How to use the ACI:
1. Measure the distance to target by your rangefinder or your scope‘s reticle
2. Aim at the target and read the number shown on the Angle Cosine Indicator; multiply the actual distance by the shown cosine number to get the adjusted distance for gravity.

Target distance: 800 m
Cosine number shown on ACI
While aiming at target: 0.87
adjusted distance to target: 800 x 0.87 = 696 m

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  • Recknagel ACI Bubble Level [T0940-0000]
  • Recknagel ACI Bubble Level [T0940-0000]
  • Recknagel ACI Bubble Level [T0940-0000]