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Tuffpak Compact Case

Tuffpak Compact Case

Case measures approx:
Length: 34" Outside, 32" Inside.
Width Diameter: 14" x 13" Outside, 11" Inside
Weight: 16 lbs or 7.3 kg
Capacity: aprox. 55 litres
Lock: Standard key lock supplied.
Capacity: 2-3 full length shotguns or take-down rifles, plus extra barrels
Colour: Black
Model No.:TP-1132

Also Available with Tuffpak Extension Collar or the larger Tuffpak Original

Who could possibly carry guns in such a small case?
One of the advantages of the Tuffpak Compact case is that it fits right in and doesn't look out of the ordinary. This is one way to not to draw attention to yourself.

This compact version of the Original case is ideal for traveling with shotguns or rifles. The case will fit 3 shotguns or take-down rifles in soft cases easily, with space for other accessories such as clothing and equipment. The case is easy to pull around with you as it has strong wheels attached to the base and an extendable telescopic handle for pulling it along. The lock is a discrete key lock which gives you more than enough security from thieves. The Tuffpak cases are accepted by all major airlines.

**The Tuffpak Cases come with a Life Time Guarantee**

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