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AimZonic Compact Camo Sound Moderator

AimZonic Compact Camo

WARNING - This product needs to be purchased face to face and through an RFD as it is a firearm part and requires by law to be added to your Firearms Certificate. Contact us or your local RFD for purchasing. No International Sales.

Lightweight and compact, the aimZonic uses a completely new system with a large expansion chamber and by-pass valve. The aimZonic comes in two base models, Compact and Plus, both of which have a 5-year guarantee. Both models are muzzle mounted but can be retro fitted with a Cyclone Option to an over barrel reflex type giving even greater noise reduction.

- Realtree Camo Pattern
- Weight: 255 g
- Diameter: 42mm.
- Length Overall: 141mm, (+ 119mm to barrel)
- Noise Reduction 20-23 dB

Available Calibres:
5.7 (.224),
6.7 (.260),
7.7 (.308),
8.6 (.338),
9.3 (.366).

Available in ALL Thread Sizes:
We carry a large inventory of popular thread sizes in both metric and imperial, and any thread we don't have, we can get it at no extra charge - What is My Thread Size?

Example Metric Thread Sizes: M14 x 1, M15 x 1, M18 x 1
Example Imperial Thread Sizes: 3/4" x 20 UNF, 1/2" x 20 UNF

Also Available:
- AimZonic Plus (CAMO)
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