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Ceramic Paste Thread Lubricant by Liqui Moly

Ceramic Paste from Liqui Moly

Never get chokes stuck again!

Perfect for choke tubes, moderator threads and other threads exposed to extreme temperatures.
Partly synthetic, white high-temperature paste. Prevents seizing, cold welding, rust freezing and stick-slip. This paste is Metal-free. It offers excellent wear and corrosion protection with universal use. Can be used in 90% of all standard paste/grease applications. It can also used for brake system lubrication in which copper paste cannot be used (aluminium brake calipers, vehicles with ABS etc.)

Used for lubricating all types of high load sliding surfaces. Used especially for low slide speeds and/or oscillating movements. and for screw, plug in and bayonet connectors made from steel and non- ferrous metals. Separation of components subject to heat stress, such as internal combustion engines, turbines and motor vehicle brake systems. Corrosion protection of bolts, pins, studs, flanges, spindles and seatings in refineries, steel and cement works as well as shipping and agricultural engineering.

Before treating with Ceramic Paste, all components must be clean and free from residues, dirt and moisture. Apply to cleaned surfaces using a paint brush, brush or lint free cloth. Apply the amount which is appropriate for the application.

Resistant to hot and cold water as well as to acids and alkalis.

Application range –40 °C to + 1400 °C.

Weight: 50g Paste Content
Liqui Moly Part Number: 3418
Made in Germany

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