Schultz & Larsen Picatinny Rings 30mm, 7mm BH

Schultz & Larsen Steel Picatinny Rings
30mm, Low 7mm BH (Base Height)

Machined out of high grade steel and black nitrided, the Schultz & Larsen picatinny scope mounts are extremely strong and have a solid, sturdy construction for even the larger calibres. The rings are virtually rust proof, due to the special hardening and nitriding process. The nitride finish is actually scratch resistant, the exact same as on the Schultz & Larsen Venom moderator, very handy when you're out in the field.

The rings have 50 embossed on them to indicate the model and the objective lens they suit best. But due to rifle types and picatinny rail construction, this is not always taken for granted.

Please note, these rings are for Picatinny profile and will not fit the Weaver profile rails.

If you need any help measuring the height you require, see this article on Scope Mount Height Guide.

Total Weight of Both Rings - 198g
Ring Diameter - 30mm
Base Height (BH) - 7mm
Code Ref: SL6056

The key torx wrench for tightening is included. The mounts attach with Torx screws, which tightens the spring loaded clamp to the picatinny rail.

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