Ziegler Quick Release Mount for Blaser - 40mm Rings

Ziegler Quick Release Mount
with 40mm Rings

This is a Ziegler Quick Release Mount made to fit the Blaser R8 and R93 rifles. It works with rotating clasp feet which lock into the notches on the Blaser barrel. A simple and effective method of mounting your scope with repeatable zero.

Ziegler Mounts are Considered the Best Scope Mounts in the World!

Length - 109mm
Height (BH) - 13.5mm
Weight - 205g

- Repeatable Zero
- Quick Release
- Strong Steel Construction
- Multiple Scope Mounts = Multiple Scopes on one Rifle

The Ziegler Quick Release Mount for Blaser allows you to remove your scope from the rifle for storage, cleaning or transport without having to sight it in again. The scope is will return to zero every time you mount it. It simple attaches back into the exact place. This is great for when you are exchanging multiple scopes onto the same rifle, for instance when you swap a day scope for a night vision when it gets too dark.

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