Krieghoff Premium ABS Case (K-80/K-20)

Premium Single ABS Case by Krieghoff

The Krieghoff Premium Range hard-top gun case is made out of Navy Blue shock resistant “ABS” plastic material assembled by ultrasonic welding and the addition of “ABS” at the fluid state. Tan brown leather applications guide the edges. Krieghoff is printed in gold on the outside and the inside.

The inner is made of navy velvet-like cloth. The bottom part is preformed and offers space for the receiver and stock-unit, secured by hook-and-loop fastener. The case also ha a barrel compartment, large enough for 32" barrels with extended chokes, a forearm iron compartment and accessories compartment. The top part of the case offers the option to put a stock wrench into a suitably shaped indentation. Your gun is kept safe with three – independent settable – combination locks from unauthorised access.

Features include:
Color: Navy Blue
Leather detailed carry handle
Strong yet light construction
Ample space for accessories and tools
3 x 3-digit combination locks

Length: 90,5 cm (36")
Width: 26 cm (10")
Height: 9 cm (4")
Barrel length: max. 85 cm (33")
Weight: 3.4 kg

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