Recknagel 11mm Dovetail Mount for Aimpoint Micro [47620-0123]

Recknagel 11mm Dovetail Mount for Aimpoint Micro

Height of Base - 8mm
Contents Supplied - 1x Mount, 4x Screws, 1x Wrench
Length x Width - 50mm x 32mm
Code Ref: 47620-0123

This part may not be in stock. If this is the case, once ordered the part will take between 10-14 days to arrive with us. We will notify you if this is the case.

Mounting plates with clamping lever for Aimpoint Micro. They are suitable for mounting on 11mm or 12mm Dovetail rails, ERAMATIC rear base and mounting clamp with 30° prism. Simple to attach and remove by using the quick release lever to tighten/loosen by hand. Spring loaded clamp fits 11mm or 12mm Dovetail rails and can be quickly removed and adjusted. Some rifles can make use of the mount's recoil lug, this can be removed if it interferes or is not needed.

The Recknagel Catalogue has a wide range of products available. If you would like any help with parts or fitting, feel free to call us on 01978 66 00 01. We can offer advise on the best possible solution, and a high quality scope mounting service.

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