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Recknagel 16mm Dovetail Tip-Off 30mm Ring Set & Bases [45530-..]

Recknagel Tip-Off Ring Mounts for 16mm Dovetail
30mm Rings in various heights with Windage Adjustment
Available for various rifle models (See below)

Please Note: We carry a very large inventory of Recknagel products in stock for immediate dispatch. Where as this product has large amounts of variations available, it would be a Special Order. On a rare occasion we will need to order in a part to complete your order, which usually take from 10-14 days to arrive. We will notify you if this is the case.

Code: - 45530-....
Ring Diameter - 30mm
Heights Available - 17.5mm / 22.5mm / 30.5mm
Windage Adjustment - Yes
Width of Dovetail - 16mm
Angle of Dovetail - 30°

Contents Supplied
2 x 16mm Dovetail Rings, Front and Back Bases, and Screws and fitting tools.

The 16mm Dovetail System is available for a wide range of popular rifles. For the the ones available, you will firstly need to fit the 16mm Dovetail Bases to your individual rifle such as Browning A-Bolt, Howa 1500 or Remington 700. Then this will allow you to mount the 16mm Dovetail Rings. This is a complete set of both 16mm Dovetail Bases and 30mm Rings. Different Heights are available. Use the correct code which corresponds to your desired height of either 17.5mm, 22.5mm or 30.5mm.

Rifle Models Available:

Rifle Make and Model BH 17.5mm BH 22.5mm BH 30.5mm
Anschütz 1780 / 1781 [45530-052B] [45530-102B] [45530-182B]
Benelli ARGO  [45530-0576] [45530-1076] [45530-1876]
FN Browning A-Bolt  [45530-0520] [45530-1020] [45530-1820]
FN Browning BAR  [45530-0503] [45530-1003] [45530-1803]
FN Browning Maral  [45530-052J] [45530-102J] [45530-182J]
Haenel Jäger 10 (After Serial JX-000921)  [45530-052C] [45530-102C] [45530-182C]
Haenel SLB 2000+ [45530-052I] [45530-102I] [45530-182I]
H&K SLB 2000 [45530-0508] [45530-1008] [45530-1808]
Howa 1500  [45530-0559] [45530-1059] [45530-1859]
Mauser K 98 [45530-0510] [45530-1010] [45530-1810]
Mauser M12 [45530-052L] [45530-102L] [45530-182L]
Merkel SR1 Basic  [45530-052D] [45530-102D] [45530-182D]
Remington 700 (Thread 6-48) [45530-0512] [45530-1012] [45530-1812]
Remington 7400 / 7600 / 750  [45530-0513] [45530-1013] [45530-1813]
RWS-Rößler Titan 3 / Titan 6 [45530-0592] [45530-1092] [45530-1892]
RWS-Rößler Titan 16  [45530-052G] [45530-102G] [45530-182G]
Sauer 101  [45530-052K] [45530-102K] [45530-182K]
Sauer 200  [45530-0516] [45530-1016] [45530-1816]
Sauer 202 [45530-0580] [45530-1080] [45530-1880]
Steyr-Mannlicher Exp./Pro Hunter/Classic [45530-0588] [45530-1088] [45530-1888]
Winchester 70 Short/Long [45530-0524] [45530-1024] [45530-1824]

The Recknagel Catalogue has a wide range of products available. If you would like any help with parts or fitting, feel free to call us on 01978 66 00 01. We can offer advise on the best possible solution, and a high quality scope mounting service.
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