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Recknagel SOB Silencer ERA LOC Muzzle Adaptor

Recknagel SOB Silencer ERA LOC Muzzle Adaptor

Contents Supplied:
1 x Muzzle Adaptor (Choose from List Below)

Code Muzzle Adaptor Threads: S0002-.... (See Below)
Material: Steel

For secure fitting, the ERA LOC Wrench is recommended to tighten the Muzzle Adaptor to the barrel thread.

The ERA LOC System can be fitted to any current Recknagel SOB01 or SOB02 Silencer and replace a standard thread. The tools and instructions are provided with the parts, so no special equipment is needed to switch.

The ERA LOC system, featuring an interrupted thread nut and threaded bush inside the silencer, allows the silencer to slide onto the ERA LOC Muzzle Adaptor and with a single 60º turn, the silencer is fitted and secured on to the rifle.

Fitting Process:
The current standard threaded bushing is removed and replaced with the ERA LOC threaded bush using the "ERA LOC Wrench" (Supplied with the ERA LOC Silencer or with the ERA LOC System Complete), instructions are included. Once the Silencer is fitted with the ERA LOC threaded bush it is now able to fit onto any rifle fitted with the "ERA LOC Muzzle Adaptor".

You can fit the ERA LOC Muzzle Adaptor to any of the common threads available from the lists below. The Muzzle Adaptor simply screws onto your existing barrel thread and is tightened up fully using the "ERA LOC Wrench" until it is secure. We recommend using a high strength and high heat tolerance adhesive on the barrel thread when fitting the Muzzle Adaptor, such as Locktite 270 or ROCKSETT are both are a good option. We also advise to leave the thread to cure for 24 hours to be sure the adhesion is 100% before firing your rifle.

Muzzle Adaptor Options Available:

Imperial Threads:
S0002-1220 - 1/2" x 20 UNF
S0002-1228 - 1/2" x 28 UNEF
S0002-5824 - 5/8" x 24 UNEF (Larger Thread £54.00)

Metric Threads:
S0002-1310 - M13x1
S0002-1410 - M14x1
S0002-1510 - M15x1
S0002-1610 - M16x1 (Larger Thread £54.00)
S0002-1710 - M17x1 (Larger Thread £54.00)
S0002-1810 - M18x1 (Larger Thread £54.00)

The Recknagel Catalogue has a wide range of products available. If you would like any help with parts or fitting, feel free to call us on 01978 66 00 01. We can offer advise on the best possible solution.

The Recknagel Catalogue is available to browse on our company website.

Available Options:

Thread Size:


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