Kick-Eez Rocker (601)

This design lets the recoil pad mount more consistently to the same pocket area and naturally will not dig into your shoulder because of the tapered toe and face design of the pad.

The Kick-Eez Pads are produced as Oversized and will need grinding to fit to your stock. Please contact us before ordering if you have any issue regarding the fitting. We do provide a fitting service, which would involve sending us your stock or booking an appointment to have the work done.
Our number is 01978 66 00 01.

Find out about fitting and installation of the Kick-Eez Pads - click here.

Colour: black

Choice of Pad:

601-6: 51mm Wide - 143mm Long - 19mm Thick
601-8: 51mm Wide - 145mm Long - 24mm Thick

(Note: Some sizes may be temporarily out of stock and not available)

Available Options:

Pad Size: