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Silva Dine Duo Kit - Turquoise/White

New from Silva, a fantastic little accessory you should definitely take with you when your camping, hiking, picnicing or even having a BBQ in your garden. The Dine Duo Kit is a neat little bundle of the essential dining utensils.

Dine Duo Kit is a set with two plates, two beakers, two sporks and a rubber case. The case holds everything together and can also be used as a bowl. The beaker has an indent in the side so that it can be attached to the plate, giving you a free hand and the opportunity to put down both the plate and beaker without spilling anything. Available in purple/white and turquoise/white.

“Eating outdoors is an important and enjoyable part of outdoor activities. Our aim when producing Dine Out has been to add another dimension by launching the most practical products on the market,” says Patrik Elfwing, Silva’s CEO. “We have a faithful target group that have followed us on adventures in the forest with maps, compasses and headlamps since the 1970s. It’s a great feeling for us to be able to give both them and newer outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to use Silva products, even for outdoor dining".

Care: Entirely dishwasher safe
Internal dimensions: 74 x 219 x 200
Weight: 552g
Material: PP+MF/Tritan™/Dryflex™ (TPE)
Made from materials approved for food use and does not contain Bisphenol A or other hazardous chemicals
Made in Sweden

Also Available in Dine Duo Kit Purple/White
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